Refund Policy

Things to note down before placing an order

You agree to our terms of service when you accept our estimate or pay the fee of your order.

What is Dreamland Estimation’ cost of service?

Our estimating fees may change with the type of project. The total cost of our service is calculated on the basis of specifications and time required. You’ll get an initial quote on the basis of drawings, plans, and tender documents.

What are our Payment terms and Policy?

We will proceed to work after the verification of the payment. Plus, we will start the work the next day if we receive payment after 2 PM EST.

Client Requirements

The client is required to provide us with complete information. So, we can proceed to our prompt services and deliver the requirement within the due date. We will require drawings, plans, specifications, addendum, and reports on all technicality for take-offs and estimation.

Due dates

We will deliver the requirement on the agreed due date. However, it is hard to determine the exact time due to complexity. That’s why our delivery can become a little late. In case, if you require us to deliver before a date, then you should notify us at the time of order.

We will provide you with periodic updates, and you can contact us for the status of your order.

We will start your work the next day if you pay us after 2 PM EST. Plus, if your delivery falls on Saturday or Sunday, then we will deliver the requirement on Monday. Plus, we will deliver your requirement on the next business day if there is a national holiday.

What is our Refund Policy?

We will do unlimited revisions for you if you are not satisfied with the delivery of your order. Plus, we will do your work until your issue is resolved. We do not refund the payment after we have started work on your requirement.

We provide detailed and accurate work. It happens that we do some mistakes due to human conditions. For that, we will comply with your demand and remove all errors from the delivery. But we will not refund your payment after we have delivered your order.

When you pay us, then you accept our terms of the refund policy. Plus, our refund policy does not change in any case. So, place your order while considering our refund policy as the foundation stone of our commitment.

What is our revision policy?

We do estimates and take-offs based on the drawings and plans provided by the client. If there is a human error, then we will revise our estimates as required by the client. However, if you require us to deliver new estimates, then there will be a cost. We can give you a discount, but you have to pay us for the next order on the same drawings.

How we do Cost Estimation?

Option 1:

We will calculate man-hours or labour hours without any rate for your project. If you provide us rates, then we will deliver estimates according to it.

Option 2:

We will use RS-Means to calculate the average price of labour and material per item. The price will be the average based on the rates of the USA.


All rates and prices of material/labour are calculated on the basis of average price/rates in the USA. If you want the exact figures, then you have to provide us with rates of labour and prices of material items.

Our estimates can vary from actual rates and prices. Thus, you have to accept our estimates on the provided values.